Ukrainian style art supplies.

Batik Pysanky Egg Dye. Large selection of colors! Dry powder may cause eye irritation, skin and respiratory sensitization. Mixed dye may cause skin irritation. Use gloves and safety glasses when working with powder. Do not use for edible Easter eggs!
UK1005 Beeswax
Beeswax 1 oz block of pure refined organic beeswax.
UK-Spaghetti Wax
Black beeswax. One package contains 24 six inch pieces.
UK1012 Drop Pull Tool
Hot Tipz Drop Pull Tool. This is available in heavy only. This tool is specifically designed for wax artists. Works for wax relief and embossed style wax art.
UK1014 Heat Tool
Heat Craft Tool. Easy to use. Won't overheat. Great for removing wax from pysanky. Can be used for embossing, drying inks and dyes, and much more! For use in the US only as it is 120v.
UK1023 Electric Kistka
Interchangeable tip kistka -- hot wax pen -- for wax arts including Easter egg decorating, pysanky - pisanki arts, batik, encaustic wax and other wax application arts. Tips can be easily interchanged. Ships with the fine, medium and heavy tips included. Cleaning wire included. Made in the USA.
A traditional kistka (wax pen) designed to use a candle as a heat source. The kistka is made with a precision tip, the same that is used in Electric Kistka -- which ensures perfectly consistent lines. The line dimension of the #1 fine is .021. The design of the pen is unique, with a large brass end that captures and holds heat for an extended period of time. This allows more writing between warm-ups in a candle ... and has led to the pen's customer created nickname as almost electric. Made in the USA.
Has the traditional look, but reflects modern design principals -- to provide high quality wax application consistent with our other wax pens. The Wax Tipz kistka has been designed to keep wax flowing longer and to allow consistent wax flow without blotting - which results in consistently beautiful lines. The design utilizes the traditional wood handle material, but has an updated tip that eliminates all sharp edges yet provides a larger reservoir for longer writing between wax refills, and better heat management with the brass tip. Size is #2 Medium. Made in the USA.