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Product Description

There are several different tools available, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some air tools (Shofu being one) are actual dental handpieces and are fine pieces of machinery. These tools are very high quality. They are the work horse of air tools, very durable, lifetime pieces of equipment. For this reason they carry a higher price tag. Other models are designed for hobby and crafting uses and cost much less, but they are not intended to endure heavy duty professional use. Only you know your own interest, carving level, hours of use and budget concerns. If you are interested in a high speed tool for fine detail work, be sure to read all of the information carefully to select the tool that meets your needs. Shofu Lab Air-Z Oil-Free Handpiece and Carving System

The Shofu Carving Tool is the work horse of high speed carving and engraving equipment. The Shofu is a dental lab hand piece, used in dental labs across the United States and many other countries, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.

The Shofu handpiece is all metal, inside and out, and maintains high torque and dependability at very high speeds. When working in hard woods, the Shofu has much more torque allowing you to carve quicker. The Shofu is oil free which means the inner bearings do not require oiling, a big plus for Egg carvers as there is no messy oil spitting onto your work area. The Shofu has a lightweight well balanced construction for maximum hand comfort. Ergonomically designed for extended usage, it feels like holding a pen, with no chatter or vibration. It features one handed bit ejection, simply push down on the plunger and the bit is ejected. No twisting or tools required.

The Lab AirZ is not a hobby tool, it is a lifetime piece of equipment. After the 1 year full warranty is up, all parts in the handpiece are replaceable and or rebuildable. The Shofu (Lab AirZ) Dental Lab Company has been around for 88+ years. This is the same tool used by Bill Janney in his book “Gun Stock Carving by Bill Janney”.