Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy. Dries clear. Use for hinges, setting eggs on stands or mix with pigment powders. Set of two 9 oz bottles.
That White Stuff. Great for filling in spaces, creating clouds, hills, etc. This is sandable and paintable. This is awesome stuff!
Omni-Stick dries clear and fast. Use instead of epoxy!! No mixing. This doesn't dry up in the tube. Eggers love this glue!! Use it to attach your findings, stand, base and much more! 2.8 oz
GL220 Aleenes Tacky
Aleenes Tacky Glue 4 oz bottle Dries clear.
Non yellowing general purpose glue. 8 oz bottle.
GL222 Dimensional Glue
Dimensional Glue dries clear, remains flexible when dry, is acid free, non-toxic, water soluble and comes in 2 oz. bottle. Adheres glitter, flocking, fibers, beads & other embellishments to your projects. Works on many almost any surface.
GL100 Cobalt Blue Glue
Cobalt Blue Glue. Do not shake. 2 oz bottle. Has a bluish tint when applied in a thin layer to dark objects. Let it dry and it is still tacky. Sprinkle your glitter on and it stays! Repeat layers can be done.