Tis An Egg by Carole Wheaton and Maureen Williams. A collection of theme and techniques. 32 pages all in color. Extensive instructions in many techniques.
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The Wonderful World of Eggery by Shirley Rose. Great book for beginners. Includes 8 different egg projects with lots of explanation of techniques. 79 pages.
The Wonderful World of Eggery II, Beyond the Basics by Shirley Rose. Includes 11 egg projects and detailed instruction on advanced techniques including carving, cutting, musical movements, and more. 80 pages.
A 132-page reference e-book for Egg Decorating in an easy-to-follow format for both the beginner and more experienced egger. Includes information on tools, paints, adhesives and technique instructions, with full colour pictures & diagrams on many design ideas. Step-by-step instructions and photos for 11 original designs. FREE marking diagrams included. Full color PDF format on computer.
A follow-up to the original Bright Ideas, this 129-page e-book features how-to information for 18 techniques plus step-by-step instructions for 11 original egg designs with progress pics along the way so you know what your egg should look like at a certain stage. Features over 150 photos and 33 diagrams and many hints & tips dotted throughout the pages. FREE marking diagrams included. Full colour PDF format on computer.
BK19 I Want To Eggscape
I Want To Eggscape book by Mitzi Perdue. This coffee table size book has beautiful photos, suggestions, hints and instructions. 48 pages.

“The I Want to EggScape™ Book" is a beautiful introduction to the art of making decorated eggs. Whether you want to collect decorated eggs, make them, or just enjoy looking at them, Mitzi wrote this book for you. In it, you’ll find stories, behind-the-scenes tips, and also directions for making some beginning projects.

It may be one of the most beautifully printed books you'll see. The 20 full-color illustrations are both enchanting and breathtaking.

Supplies are limited. So get yours while they are available!!
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BK29 Bright Ideas Carving
A 122-page reference e-book in an easy-to-follow format, aimed at the beginner eggshell carver although more experienced carvers should find things of interest as well. Includes information on carving tools, burs, egg selection tips and technique instructions. Full color pictures & diagrams on many design ideas. Step-by-step instructions, photos and observations for many techniques including Relief, Reverse Relief, Scrimshaw, Inlay, to name a few. FREE marking diagram ideas included. Full colour PDF format on computer.